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A black and white photograph of a person's head is considered standard acting headshot. An 8x10 headshot is often thought of as "the actor's business card", for the serious actor professional, aspiring actor or otherwise, an actual headshot is one of the most critical tools in your marketing arsenal. You never know where you'll be when you meet an industry professional in san francisco whom you want to impress, and most actors carry 8x10s around with them everywhere they go. You must get the best headshots possible! (There are many professional photographers in san francisco.) Usually, casting directors from san francisco will glance once at your picture, so you have only one chance to capture their interest.

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There are certain standards for an actor's resume. They must be well-written and professional. List all of your past and current training, experiences, talents, skills, etc. Our san francisco members can develop an online resume which can be printed out and used for mailing to san francisco casting directors.

Develop your resume online

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The traditional way to obtain information about auditions in san francisco was by getting an agent first. (A local, san francisco bay area agent is a perfect example) Usually a new actor must mail photos to local agents and managers seeking representation. We have created a way to skip through this expensive process. All our members get access to auditions and casting notices in san francisco, and all of the US, Canada and some parts of Europe. For now you can request a search for auditions in our FREE section, which has limited access. Most san francisco auditions will require you to submit your photos and resume directly via e-mail or regular "snail" mail.

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Even some of the best actors that are born with outstanding talent have to study and practice for every role. Some actors will never get a part because they lack the training and experience. Most professional actors hire training coaches every time they are working on a major production. Such professional training may cost a substantial amount of money; however, it will play an important part in actor's life. At first you should take some basic training at a local, san francisco acting school or college. For more inexpensive training try well recommended acting workshop.

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