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The most important aspect of a famous singer, is the voice. There is no denying that if you want to become a popular singer in san francisco, you have to be able to sing first. The industry today will find a way to market great talent. If you think you have it, then let people know. There are so many talented singers in the world, why are you waiting for them to get discovered? Get a demo together and start getting noticed.

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There is a very large demand for dancers these days in san francisco. Don't be too proud to start small. Take some classes, do background dancing. Start with projects that will build your experience. Britney Spears won't be taking the first person she meets, her dancers have a long list of credits and undergo extensive auditioning. Get comfortable with the scene first, start small in san francisco so you know what your doing. This will help build your confidence to land that big role!

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Voice-over artists in san francisco usually have a demo on CD of anywhere between 20 and 150 voices. The demo will consist of a series of phrases slated over and over in numerous voices, and/or sometimes a conversation between two or more characters, voiced by the same actor. It is often times less expensive to pay one actor for multiple voices, than multiple actors. Many animated tv shows and movies utilize the same actor for several characters.

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A theater actor is very different from a movie actor. Theater actors are louder, more animated, and often must posses singing and dancing talents. In san francisco, the demands are no different. Also, theater actors must be in great shape. They will often perform multiple times per night, and several times per week. While a movie actor, can take several breaks between scenes, theater actors are often doing costume changes and constantly on the go. Theater classes can be found in san francisco at many community colleges, and even local san francisco playhouses.

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